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New EternityProject Supported Device: Huawei Ho...

Aug 23 2013 01:00 PM | kholk in Articles

So, here we are. Again.

As the title says, there's a new device in our home: Huawei Ascend G615 (or Honor 2 U9508... ehm, same device, RAM size apart).

Another challenge for us, another device with a locked bootloader, another round, another race, another... blahblah

As always, it's a pity to just spend useless words on introductions (it seems I don't like to introduce things properly), so, here are the specs:

SoC: HiSilicon K3V2 (Hi3620) - 1.4GHz (L1 32KB+32KB, L2 1MB)
CPU: 4x Cortex A9 @1.4GHz
GPU: Vivante GC4000 @480MHz
RAM: 1GB (G615) or 2GB (U9508) LPDDR2 @500MHz (2x500->1000MHz)
Display: 4.5" IPS Panel, 720x1280
Mobile Networks: Mobile Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 -- HSPA D21/U5.76 850/900/1900/2100
Connectivity: WiFi (2.4GHz only, b/g/n), BT 3.0
Camera: Front/Rear, 8MP/1.3MP
Storage: MicroSD slot, user partition on eMMC
Battery: 2150mAh

Seems really similar to the LG Optimus 4X HD and the HTC One X (in performance, I mean).
Fact is, I don't see any 5GHz WiFi support (no 802.11a!) and Bluetooth 3.0 is starting to be really old....
....but overall, the display seems really good, the cameras are standard nowadays (1.3 and 8MP are present in practically any phone now), and the battery is... well, good on the chart. We'll see.

About the OEM, it's practically pretty new, so I haven't had any past experiences. I just hope the build quality will be good!

So, let's hope for the best!

Oh, and thanks to the guys who have donated to make this possible!

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New EternityProject Supported Device: LG Optimu...

Nov 14 2012 12:09 PM | kholk in Articles

Hey all!

Some guys on a respectable Android forum contacted me via PM: they were talking about the LG Optimus 4X HD and the new Motorola-centric bootloader policy of LG.

It's really a pity to see such a powerful device with a locked bootloader and without any personalization possibility!

Let's go on with the specs:
SoC: nVidia Tegra 3 - T30 - 1.5GHz
CPUs: 4x Cortex A9 @1.5GHz, 1x Cortex A9 (in ULP package) @400MHz
GPU: GeForce ULP (T30 refresh)
eMMC: 16GB
Display: 4.7" IPS Panel, 312 ppi, 720x1280
Mobile Networks: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 -- HSPA D21/U5.76 850/900/1900/2100
Connectivity: WiFi (dual-band), BT 4.0, NFC
Camera: Front/Rear, 8MP/1.3MP
Storage: 12GB on eMMC (for user), MicroSD slot (!)
Battery: 2150mAh

So, looking at the specs it looks like an "improved version" of another phone that we're currently supporting: the HTC One X.
Actually, from the specs perspective, the Optimus 4X HD sounds better than the One X because of the MicroSD card support and the battery: 1750 vs 2150!

Sure, I've had bad experiences in the past with the LG Optimus 2X (Star): it was a good phone from the specs perspective, but then I felt the bad hardware while using it as a phone in my hands!
I've always said that LG isn't really capable of making phones: the only things that were saving them were the unlocked bootloader and the really low price compared to other OEMs.

I can remember the price difference between the Motorola ATRIX and the Optimus 2X!

By the way, they could have improved on the hardware perspective: if that's the case, well done, LG!

Hm, I wasn't taking about past experiences.

Oh, yeah, I was saying that it is a pity to have a locked bootloader here.
Running custom kernels would be really funny on there!

Also, I wonder if there's any possibility to get into APX mode, since there's no _common_ way to access it on the HTC One X (same SoC!).

Getting back to the real discussion, as I said, it's always exciting to get a new challenge... and if it's for a good cause (Linux should run on unlocked devices.) it's also more exciting.
I obviously can't say that I'll surely succeed or surely fail: for now, we only know that this will be a certainly tricky thing!

We like tricky things.
We like to get our hands dirty (don't misunderstand me :P).

Will we PWN LG's bootloader? :)

Apart that...
....Infinite thanks to the guys who are donating for us to get the device!

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Performance Comparison Video: HTC One X vs Moto...

Apr 30 2012 08:54 AM | kholk in Articles

Hi people! :P

I didn't know what to do yesterday and since I always have to do something useful (lol :P) ........ I've taken a video comparing the HTC One X to the Motorola RAZR.

If anyone is interested, here's it!

Happy watching!

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro: Overclocked...

Apr 17 2012 10:17 AM | kholk in Articles

The SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro, codename "mimmi", has been overclocked to 1GHz by the EternityProject!

Yeah, it's a pretty old device, but my girlfriend still loves and uses it... and since I've had to repair it, I took the opportunity to also play with the device.
I have to say, SE flashing tools are tedious. Complete fails. No fastboot support. Pain everywhere.

Anyway, I've built it for my girlfriend and since I always publish my work, here's it!

Posted Image

For more informations, go on its thread HERE!

The EternityProject Team Manager & Main Developer,

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RAZR Bootloader Bypass ( kexec ) has been relea...

Apr 14 2012 02:16 PM | kholk in Articles

Hey all!

I'm proud to announce that finally the Bootloader Bypass for Motorola Spyder (RAZR) by kholk & [mbm] has been released!

Unfortunately there were a lot of problems and not that much time to develop on it, but we've reached a good stage!
The new kernel will run only on singlecore (CPU1 won't come up) even if it's compiled for SMP (Symmetric MultiProcessing) for ....really, dunno which reason.

Anyway, after a long time testing it, I would like to say that it's anyway fast as hell and usable for daily use: also the power management is perfect.

So, thanks to me and [mbm]! :P

The package is ready to be downloaded and it's available on its thread HERE.


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New EternityProject Supported Device: HTC One X

Mar 30 2012 05:59 PM | kholk in Articles

Hello people!

I can finally announce the new device supported by the EternityProject: the HTC One X / Endeavor.

Posted Image

Even if -probably- you already know that.... let's go give the specs:

SoC: Quad-Core nVidia Tegra 3 (40nm 4xA9) @ 1.5GHz + ULP Companion Core
GPU: GeForce ULP (8 cores) with CUDA capabilities
DIsplay: 4.7" Super LCD II (IPS-Like)
Camera: 8MPx w/LED Flash & BSI Sensor (rear) + 1.3MPx (front)
Storage: 32GB Internal only -- SDCard not supported
Connectivity: BT4.0 (aptX), WiFi a/b/g/n (no 5GHz?)
Bands supported: 850/900/1900/2100 (3G) - 850/900/1800/1900 (2G)
HSPA MAX Speed: DL 21Mbps - UL 5.76 Mbps
Other: HDMI over MHL, NFC Chip, USBHost.

IMHO, great hardware here guys!
And... it's curious why they haven't used a normal - separated - HDMI port instead of the MHL: Tegra 3 supports it and probably on the device's mainboard there's also space.
Money? Simply less ports?

Not that important anyway. Have you noticed that this MHL trend has been started by Samsung on the Galaxy S II? :)

Also, there isn't any MicroSD slot: bad loss... I've always used my MicroSDs to take files from device to device without losing time, or to hotswap them to temporairily use another one if I haven't got enough space on one.
....Or even because my MicroSDs were partitioned with real EXT4 partitions.

Anyway, it seems that we won't have so much space problems: 26GB are enough if you don't plan to upload your entire movies library to your phone (yeah, only 26GB are usable)....

Oh, back to us, I would have preferred to have a "normal" HDMI port, and you? :)

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Padfone at MWC2012

Feb 27 2012 11:08 PM | kholk in Articles

Yeah we've seen it at the MWC2012!

About the previous rumors... well, we discovered that ASUS has renewed the hardware other than the external aspect.
We can confirm now that it spots:
SoC: Qualcomm S4 MSM8260A
GPU: Adreno 225
Display: 4.3" Super-AMOLED

Posted Image

More updates coming in the next hours!

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PadFone: Other details for everyone!

Feb 03 2012 11:39 PM | kholk in Articles

Hey guys!

We've got some other informations about the PadFone!

This time is about its display: do you remember that we've only said something about its size?
Well, now we've got other details about its technology: IPS!

The IPS technology is the same found in the iPhone4's Retina Display: stunning colors and really good contrast, but...how about power consumption?

IPS is still a Liquid Crystal DIsplay, but it is consuming 50% less power than LCD while displaying whites. Comparing it to AMOLED... well, it consumes more power, but not a lot more and anyway AMOLED is advantaged by its behavior of not displaying black as really dark gray, but pure black, literally shutting down that part of the screen that should be black.

Oh, another thing. We've got confirmation of its camera!

Thanks to ASUS for replacing the 5MP camera with an 8MP one! :P

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ASUS PadFone Bootloader: Locked or Unlocked?

Jan 30 2012 07:33 PM | kholk in Articles

I'm asking myself this question from a lot of time.

The whole thing has been started by Motorola Mobility, releasing the first Android device with a locked bootloader, then it has spreaded over every manufacturer: SonyEricsson (now only Sony), HTC... and ASUS!
Like everyone of us knows (or well, should) for example the Bootloader of the ASUS Transformer Prime is actually locked, but like ASUS itself said it will be unlocked in February 2012.

As a side note, HTC is on the same strategy (unlock tool) and Sony / SonyEricsson now sells factory unlocked devices, after providing an unlock tool for their previous locked devices.
Motorola Mobility still insists on the locked bootloader strategy and today slapped on the face of their loyal customers: a third Motorola RAZR, a Developer Edition with an unlocked bootloader.

What about ASUS?
Will the PadFone be Factory Unlocked?
Will it be unlockable through an unlock tool?
....or will it be permanently locked?

From what I remember, ASUS said that the Bootloader on their devices is locked because of Android's ability to play DRM (secure) content: when you unlock the device that function will be lost.
I think that ASUS is a friend of the developers and that the most plausible option is that the PadFone will be shipped with a Locked Bootloader, but unlockable with an unlock tool, like it's being done with the Transformer Prime.

So guys, what do you think about it?
Locked, Unlockable or Unlocked?

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Padfone, Hands On!

Jan 24 2012 07:18 PM | kholk in Articles

Hey Guys!

There's an hands on video of the ASUS PadFone!
It looks like it is compatible with the ASUS Transformer Keyboard Dock....

Happy watching!

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